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DESIGNING_SOUTHAFRICA is a testament to infinite energy and remarkable foresight. Conceptualising the World Cup as an opportunity to create a conversation around cities and development is not an obvious choice, but is vital in understanding the impact of these events on public space, transportation and the changing shape of cities. The Reflections & Opportunities book documents the significant collective effort and experience that went into creating the World Cup, recording it so that we can continue to build South Africa on this foundation, enabling us to share our successes with other host nations and the world.

I strongly advocate the dissemination of information and expertise around the event; after all, every World Cup should ideally grow on the strengths of the last. DESIGNING_SOUTHAFRICA is important, as it allows us to remember and relive the celebration of the World Cup, while also looking at a South Africa today, and a nation of the future – where World Cup lessons and expertise are able to create an even greater nation. Central to the success of the World Cup and South Africa in general are pioneering, determined initiatives. I would like to congratulate DESIGNING_SOUTHAFRICA on a significant achievement, which both South Africa and the world will continue to benefit from far into the future, as creative solutions to global, urban conditions become increasingly more important.

Dr Danny Jordaan, Former CEO of the 2010 World Cup Organising Committee

Brand South Africa has collaborated with Designing South Africa in the United Kingdom since 2010, in relation to the FIFA 2010 World Cup program focusing on innovation around stadium and precinct design and broader architectural innovation. Brand South Africa has supported joint events in the UK with Wallpaper magazine and the more recent post-2010 exhibition, which was a joint project with the British Council and linked South Africa’s FIFA World Cup experience to the forthcoming hosting of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

I think that the frontline achievement of DESIGNING_SOUTHAFRICA thus far has been to link design to development and to communities and to make design relevant to the lives of people for whom it was previously a distant concept.

The next phase, for which Designing South Africa is fully prepared, is to take those practical benefits of design and make them part of the fabric and creative ndeavor of communities across the country looking to improve their lives and find solutions to developmental challenges which confront them.
The kind of leverage and essence and global exchange that Designing South Africa is creating is the essence of what Brand South Africa is about: Inspiring New Ideas. All strength to Zahira Asmal’s flame and may we all ensure that it continues to burn brightly for the future of our nation.

John Battersby: UK Country Manager, Brand South Africa

I will admit that my view of the city prior to your visit was totally different to the way I see it now, thanks to you and your panel’s outstanding and thought provoking insights. I thoroughly enjoyed the dialogues that you staged. I believe that with the collaboration on Freedom Day with DESIGNING_SOUTHAFRICA, we were able to provide and show that our successes with the 2010 World Cup were far from nebulous. More importantly the content of the book went a long way in helping my work in promoting our capability. I will certainly look forward to working with you again.

Yusuf Omar: South African Consul General in Sao Paulo, Brazil