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Design is a way for countries and economies to change — from basic infrastructure to healthcare systems and governmental systems.

DESIGNING_SOUTHAFRICA brings the transformative power of design to the matters that are close to the heart of the South African people. We demonstrate the opportunity for design to help meet social challenges and improve everyday life. We inspire new design thinking, encourage public debate and showcase key design projects that are innovative and that are relevant to South Africa.

We use the following methods to deliver our mission:

 1 – Research

Largely qualitative in nature, we examine the value of design and its potential to solve everyday challenges in South Africa while also investigating centres of excellence and best case scenarios globally in order to share locally.

 2 – Publications

We publish books with global distribution focusing on South African society, South African cities and opportunities for design to meet social challenges.

3 – Seminars & Workshops

Since 2010, D_ZA has organised and hosted seminars and workshops in South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Germany and in the UK.

4 – Editorial & the International Media

Through our extensive international media network, we share our research on design led developments in South Africa with global audiences, with insightful critique.

5 – Exhibitions

We curate and design exhibitions for local and global festivals showcasing South African design innovations.

6 – Online Reports

D_ZA has showcased South African positivity, creative energy and innovations with an online multimedia component accessible to global audiences.

PROGRAMME 1: 2009 – 2012


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PROGRAMME 2: 2013 – 2014